Behind the Music

Rudy Touzet has all of the makings of a breakout pop star.  With catchy lyrics, danceable songs, and a growing fanbase, the 21-year-old Miami-born Cuban/American singer is turning heads and attracting a steady following.  Now based in Los Angeles, Touzet dedicates himself to making music full time while studying film and entrepreneurship part time at Chapman University and acting in student films and productions.  And with three singles released over the past year, almost one million views on YouTube, 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and new music on the way, Touzet is looking to make a big impact on the music scene in 2021.

Touzet, like most aspiring singers, started performing and writing songs at a young age.  The first song he ever wrote was for his Valentine in the third grade. “I had taken this track off of a website and just started writing to it. It was called ‘The Only Girl’ and to this day I still have the demo, “ says Touzet.  “It was terrible but I remember after finishing that song, I was so hungry to keep writing and knew I wanted to sing my own songs and play them for people.”  Throughout his younger years, he gravitated towards musical theater participating in every school performance he could.  “Recitals were my favorite because I got to sing my heart out with all my friends.  That really helped with my confidence in singing and performing in front of an audience.”   

He took to journaling, an exercise that’s integral to his songwriting today.  It’s a place where he can gather his thoughts and feelings about love, insecurities, and complicated situations which eventually make up the basis of all of his songs and where his creative process begins. “I will literally go into the bathroom in the middle of a party and get at least a hook down if I’m thinking of a song idea or concept,” says Touzet. “Once I have an idea of what I want to write about, I can’t leave it alone until I have a full song written. I’ll have friends over, we’ll be getting ready to leave to go to dinner, and I won’t let them leave until I hit the note I want or perfect some line. I like to finish songs as soon as possible so I have more time to reflect and revise them.”  

These days Touzet gets to go into the studio withs his ideas and be able to work them out with his producers, Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay, who he met at Charlie Walk’s Music Mastery Studios.  He released his first single “Contigo” (featuring Teddi) in March 2020, an English / Spanish anthem about getting out on the dance floor with your partner and having a good time. “It was written after a fun night out with friends and as soon as I got home, I wrote the hook within the first five minutes of hearing the beat in my head,”  says Touzet. His second single, “Take It As a Win” was released in July 2020 and was written after an argument with a friend. “When explaining what had happened to another friend, he simply said to me ‘take it as a win.,’” says Touzet. “I thought that would be such a cool name for a song so I took to my journal, replayed the argument in my head, and wrote the song.”   His third single, “I Don’t Know” was written while trying to navigate the complexities of a new relationship and deciphering whether it’s just a fling or something more.  Touzet says, “I wrote it in 15 minutes after trying to figure out the emotions I was experiencing.  It's about that feeling you get when you don’t know which way the relationship is going to go and you contemplate the question, are we friends or are we more than friends?”  The song was recorded during quarantine from Touzet’s closet with just his microphone and stand with his producers, Luke and Simon on FaceTime.

A self-described “shy guy” who gets along with everyone while still being able to maintain his awkwardness, Touzet is putting the finishing touches on some new tracks he’ll release in the new year.  His new songs have a twist and are a bit darker than his previous music but will still be firmly rooted in the pop genre.  He’s also hoping to get out and perform again soon.  “Music is the only thing that gets me out of reality when I need it the most and I want to be able to do that for others so I am going to continue putting out new tracks as quickly as I can,” says Touzet.  And he’s looking forward to performing in front of an audience again. “I want people to feel my voice and either dance it out, cry it out, sing it out and just feel at least some sort of emotion. Whether it’s a good or bad emotion I want to know that my music is at least creating a reaction in people.  And at the end of the day I just want to put on a great show and make sure people have fun.”



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