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The past two years have been a hell of a ride for most, punctuated with moments of deep uncertainty in the midst of madness. It’s the heart of Rudy Touzet’s latest single “Goodnight Moon,” as the singer/songwriter crafts an up-tempo woozy tune about living for the minute, even to the point of pleasurable recklessness. Touzet packs a unique punch with his sound. His vocals are pristine, his production is sharp, but what he brings to music is something that’s been missing for a while: a means to escape, yet stay grounded. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Rudy spent most of his life flanked by palm trees and spending afternoons at the beach. His half-Cuban heritage offered him the cultural influence in both food and music, spending weekends with his grandmother and learning more about his roots. Musically, Rudy knew he could sing at a very young age. “I think it was around Kindergarten when my family knew I had some talent,” he recalls. “I sang in our school recitals and that’s when it kind of all started.” He wrote his first song at eight years old titled “The Only Girl”—a love song for his crush—and continued his love of songwriting through journaling which led to creating more songs.

By high school he was still honing his craft, writing more songs and even considering auditioning for reality competition series like American Idol and The Voice. When it came time for college, Rudy knew he had to make a firm decision. “I originally wanted to attend college for Music,” he says, “but I didn’t know if that was the right path to take on an academic level.” He decided on Chapman University in California with a major in Film Studies, though music still remained at the forefront of his passions. “It was a goal of mine since high school to make an album,” he expresses. “I would literally write songs, make melodies, and record them into GarageBand.” 

He eventually felt the timing was right to send his music to family friend, music executive Charlie Walk, who in turn wanted Rudy as part of his Music Mastery Mentorship Program. Through there, Rudy connected with his now production team Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay, collectively known as the critically acclaimed Chapters. In the Spring of 2020, he cut his first single “Contigo,” a Latin Pop love song that sends a nod to his Cuban culture. 

Over the course of a year, Rudy released a number of buzzing tracks including “Take It As A Win,” “I Don’t Know,” “Runaway,” and “Say Less.” Each song reflected a different chapter in Rudy’s life, from love to heartache, endings and new beginnings. His 2022 rollout of new music will be equally as heartfelt, as Rudy’s knack for weaving poignant lyrics through catchy beats remains his superpower. With “Goodnight Moon,” he comes from an equally sincere place, as the track is layered with vulnerability as much as it is fun. The single will kick off a string of releases that will not only display Rudy’s singing and songwriting ability, but also his versatility. Think Nick Jonas meets The Weeknd.

As he enters this next level in his career, Rudy Touzet keeps his mission clear. “I want people to feel something with my music,” he explains. “Whether it’s an escape or a release of emotions (both good and bad), I just want people to get something out of it.”

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